Liquidity in Motion

The Process

  • Supply
  • Stake
  • Borrow
  • Work


    The initial step in making your assets work for you, adding supply to a pool on Kinetic allows you to generate returns on your assets by providing liquidity for loans.



    Converting Joule tokens into Kii enables you to earn rebates on your loan positions. It also determines eligibility for future governance and boosted protocol rewards.



    Borrowing on Kinetic allows you to leverage your supplied assets into various financial strategies and unlock a wide range of DeFi possibilities throughout the Flare Ecosystem.

  • WORK


    Along with putting your assets to work, Kinetic allows you to take action. Voting helps shape the future of the protocol and users are rewarded for their participation.

Kinetic is here to kickstart De-Fi and guide the Flare ecosystem into its next stage of explosive growth. We want to inspire you to activate your assets, whether they are traditional (ERC20) or non-traditional (FAssets), and turn their latent potential into progress. Through the tooling provided by Kinetic, you can develop and employ advanced financial strategies with long-term benefits. We are an ecosystem-tailored money market enhanced with an optional work-to-earn element through Kii Stake.


  • Kinetic is here to take you from passive observation to active participation through supplying, borrowing, and staking your assets. Use Kinetic’s markets to develop and implement financial strategies that turn latent potential into perpetual progress. These markets will also integrate FAssets which serve to activate a new sector of opportunity.


  • Kinetic seeks to foster long-term growth through an enduring platform. Battle tested and heavily audited smart contracts built by Rome Blockchain Labs ensure the continued integrity of the protocol while our security, analytics, and auditing partnerships empower us to actively assess on-chain risks and protect user funds.


  • With Kinetic, small actions soon become long-term strategies. Take an active role in shaping the future of the protocol by voting in initiatives, earning rewards, and helping to grow the community. Our ecosystem partners also play their role in keeping the energy going with unique collaborations, integrations, and other potential opportunities.